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CC Bamboo is the premier provider of Bamboo Management & Removal services. Our goal is to provide the most sustainable and cost effective solution to solve your problem. Our hands on experience with groves as large as 6 acres and as mature as 60 years old, make us one of, if not the most experienced team in the country! Our goal is to do it right and do it once. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy.


August 2011: CC Bamboo is selected as the consultant for a large scale bamboo removal project at the Dallas Arboretum.



Bamboo Removal:

We begin by helping you identify the species of bamboo and the approximate age of the grove. From there we discuss the issues you are aware of, while explaining the things you may not be aware of. Once we have strong understanding of exactly what you are dealing with, we back into the viable options and develop a plan of attack.

Bottom line...Every grove is different and every site is specific. That said, there is no way to offer an estimate without seeing what we are dealing with.


 Bamboo Management:

We understand that bamboo can be intimidating. Many of our customers initially call asking for complete removal. What they find is that we can implore several methods to not only contain the bamboo but also vastly improve it's health and appearance. Once our customers see the results and the cost savings over removal, they truly appreciate our consultative approach.

Maintenance plans are fully customized to suit your specific needs. Typically we recommend our "shock & awe" treatment followed by a few seasonal treatments to keep your bamboo happy and healthy.


Bamboo Consulting:

Consulting services offered nationwide to both commercial and residential clients.

Areas of concentration:

  • Bamboo Removal
  • Bamboo Containment
  • Invasive Bamboo - Liability & Accountability
  • Preventing Erosion with Bamboo
  • Rhizome Extraction Methods
  • Grove Rejuvination
  • Long Term Maintenance

Site Visit - Rates vary based upon location and scope of the project. 

      Local - Hourly rates apply within 50 mile radius of 19355.            Min. daily rates on projects located more than 75 miles away.   

      National - Projects quoted with flat rate. Travel cost included.

Reporting: Customized reports will be generated to satisfy each clients specific requirements. 

To Schedule your consultation, click here! Please be sure to include (CONSULTATION) in the Subject line.  Include a brief description of your problem and a good time to contact you. Final pricing will be confirmed and an invoice generated before any consulting service formally begin.

Projects that result in CC Bamboo performing the actual work will receive a credit for the consulting services provided.


Expert Opinions:

When bamboo is ignored and left to grow uncontrolled it can create issues between neighbors. Many towns have enacted ordinances against bamboo, requiring that it is contained or removed.

Unfortunately these ordinances are driven by a lack of maintenance and poor management. Many ordinances also vary greatly in wording, with some being so restrictive that their wording deserves further review. Others have stipulated things like metal barriers, which are not effective.

The question of legal liability and potential damages can be complicated and needs to be reviewed in detail by an expert that has the working knowledge of bamboo to fairly evaluate the situation from a "prudent person" point of view.

John Kohler has provided expert opinions in several states for both the bamboo owner and the party claiming damages. John's expertise with bamboo enables him to provide a complete background of the situation and a general time line of how the situation has evolved. 

Given John's first hand experience removing bamboo, he also has the knowledge to correctly estimate what the job involves. This is very important, as the cost to remove bamboo is rarely estimated correctly.

"My goal is to make sure the work is done correctly and at a fair price."

CC Bamboo provides a 100% guarantee on bamboo removals.