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RemovingBamboo.com was launched by the founder of CC Bamboo based in South Eastern PA. Bamboo removal services are provided from Maryland through New York. Consulting services offered Nationwide. All services provided by CC Bamboo.



To Manage OR Remove?

This decision deserves some serious thought and should not be taken lightly.

It is all too common for people to live with bamboo for years, then wake up one day and decide the bamboo has to go. Usually, the customer doesn't know who to call, so they reach out to the closest landscaper or tree service.

Keep in mind, bamboo is a grass, not a tree. Now ask yourself, What do most landscapers do?..."Cut grass" & What do most tree services do?..."Cut down trees"

I have seen more bamboo issues created by inexperienced people than problems solved!


The Most common mistake is choosing the wrong person to do the job or assuming you are capable of doing it yourself. This is not intended as a "knock" on anyone, but the economy combined with the amount of random information on the Internet has encouraged the best of us to take on projects we shouldn't, or bid on the job we usually wouldn't consider.

I encourage you to take a look at the basic facts and common misconceptions before you make a decision.



Recent Removal:

This is the typical appearance of a mature grove that has been poorly maintained. The homeowners had enough and elected to have CC Bamboo remove the bamboo rather than contain it. Once we removed the above ground growth, we methodically extracted the root system.


Recent Removal:

Our client received several bids from reputable companies. He soon came to the conclusion that their theories on bamboo, varied like their prices. Suffice to say, he was very happy to find CC Bamboo. Not only were we able to address the large grove of bamboo, we provided the tree removal and brush clearing as well.